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Pathfinder Aviation is a dynamic organization, conducting operations around the clock and around the globe. The Pathfinder team is composed of aviation professionals who are passionate, teachable and interested in collaborating to continuously move the company forward.Pathfinder is currently accepting resumes for full time (equal time off schedule) oil and gas support positions in the Bell 212, as well as seasonal (summer) utility positions.

Minimum requirements for oil and gas pilots:

  • ATP
  • Second Class Medical
  • 5000 Helicopter PIC
  • 150 Helicopter Instrument
  • 200 Night
  • External Load/Sking Experience
  • Bell 212 Experience
  • Arctic Winter or Equivalent Experience


Minimum requirements for utility pilots:

  • FAA Commercial
  • Second Class Medical
  • 1500 Helicopter PIC
  • OAS Carded/Card-able in the Bell 206 Series


Preferred experience for both positions:

  • Bell 212 or Bell 206 Factory School or Equivalent
  • HUET Training Within the Previous Four Years
  • Precision Vertical Reference Experience
  • Mountain Flying Experience
  • Deep Snow and Blowing Snow Experience


If you are interested in pilot positions, please fax or email resume and cover letter to 907-226-2801 or

We are also accepting resumes for full-time, (equal time off schedule) Bell 212 A&P mechanics and seasonal (summer) licensed Bell 206 Series A&P mechanics.

Bell 212 mechanics will be on an equal time off schedule, year-round. 5 years prior experience, in the last 8 years with the Bell 212 is required and factory training is a plus.

Seasonal positions require experience with Bell 206 series aircraft candidate must have field experience. A minimum of 3 years of helicopter experience is required.

If you are interested in mechanic positions, please fax resume with references to 907-226-2801 or e-mail to

All candidates must display work ethic and attitude that will allow our company to continue to grow.


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