An industry leader, Pathfinder participates globally in improving the safety of the aviation industry and dedicates countless man hours to actively participating in organizations such as Aviation Sub-Committee of OGP, Helicopter Safety Advisory Conference (HSAC), HeliOffshore and more that are committed to enhancing safety. Flight Data Monitoring, HUMS data analysis, Level D Simulation, LOFT crew training, FRMS, ORM and contingency planning are among a few tangible examples of how committed Pathfinder is to improving outcomes.

Pathfinder is the only aviation company in Alaska to achieve the prestigious Medallion Shield for both fixed wing and helicopter operations. Pathfinder’s safety performance is continually monitored, proactively and re-actively, to ensure that key safety goals are achieved. Pathfinder has a fully integrated Safety Management System recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and regularly participates in third-party audits.



Pathfinder's Air Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to track all Pathfinder flights and support pilots and crews in all operations. 


Remote operations experts

Our business, and that of our customers, is often conducted in adverse weather conditions in extremely remote areas. These factors, combined with the inherent nature of aviation, are why safe flight operations are our highest priority and top commitment to our customers and employees. The safety performance of our operation is continually monitored, proactively and reactively, to ensure that our key safety goals continue to be achieved. Some key elements of this monitoring program include internal and external audits, flight checks, and quality assurance reviews.


Training and Maintenance

The experience of our pilots and the exacting detail of our maintenance department are key factors in the success of our safety program. All of our pilots and mechanics are sent annually through rigorous training on the specific type of helicopter they will be operating. Our incorporation of proactive factory training with the aircraft manufacturer and the Federal Aviation Administration insures our ability to uphold this high level of expectation and safety. Our pilots have extensive experience flying in Alaska’s unique environment. The mechanics maintaining our equipment all have many years of hands-on experience as well as factory training.