Remote aviation operations and logistics, providing specialized solutions to unique challenges worldwide.

Oil & Gas

on-target transport for your Offshore mission.

Since 2001, we have consistently provided higher service levels, customized systems and operational integrity to our strategic partners. Our business is built on decades of domestic and international offshore oil and gas experience, the latest technology and crisp operational precision.

Pathfinder operates worldwide in support of offshore oil and gas exploration and production projects in extreme and remote environments, as well as offering search and rescue (SAR) coverage. Whether you need a new transportation alternative in the Gulf of Mexico, Australia, Asia, Alaska, the North Sea or anywhere in between, we can provide unparalleled service.


Department of Defense

Safety and Security Across the Globe.

With a diverse fleet and the ability to source mission specific aircraft, Pathfinder takes pride in being ready to respond to the needs of the government, no matter the mission. Employing logistic specialists and crews experienced in working in challenging environments, we are capable of meeting the highest of demands.



Supporting the Protection of Land since 2001.

Pathfinder’s depth of experience in aerial fire management goes far beyond the company’s operating history. Our crews are trained for the mission and maintain knowledge of fire behavior and the utilization of effective techniques. With carded crews and equipment, for both medium and light helicopters, Pathfinder can be deployed in short notice throughout the US and is capable of providing fire support anywhere in the world. Pathfinder currently holds both exclusive use and call when needed contracts with US government agencies.



Our aircraft, your mission.

Since 2001, Pathfinder has provided a variety of utility services throughout the world. Our diverse fleet makes us the operator of choice for challenging missions. Our external load pilots are confident and capable of precision placement in demanding environments. Our services include construction, external load, aerial survey, power line survey, drilling and exploration.


Private Charter & Tours

Aerial experiences like no other.

Located in the heart of one of the earth’s most expansive wilderness areas, Pathfinder provides a unique tour experience. Entirely customizable for each charter group, no two tours are alike. You can expect to see glaciers, ocean, mountains, moose, Dahl sheep, mountain goats, sea otters, whales and bears. If you are really lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a wolverine. Alaska from the air is truly an experience you’ll never forget.

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Geo Survey

Remote Field Studies, Arctic Operations, Geological, Geophysical and more.

“Ologists” of all kinds are a valuable part of the Pathfinder family. Having spent countless hours in the field in support of research, we are a reliable and energetic piece of your research and study. Whether looking for habitat, species or resource, we have the experience to support your mission.