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Our new brand needed to be rugged and it needed to be global.

Behind the New Look Pathfinder

Our mission has become more significant over the years and therefore more complex. Pathfinder is a different company than we launched almost 20 years ago. As we continue to adapt and expand to meet our customers' needs, we felt it was time to upgrade our visual identity to fit a growing company with global reach. We contracted Troodon Design Co. out of Seattle to lead the rebranding design phases, which included our color schemes, logo design, and new website presence. Here's a look behind our new brand.


- Volcanic (dark gray)
Pathfinder has a mission to accomplish every day, so a rugged primary color is called for. Pathfinder’s relationship to the terra firma is also represented with this raw earth color. Volcanic will be the primary "setting" of the Pathfinder brand image.

- Ring of Fire (bright orange)
Pathfinder aircraft need to be seen. This color can be seen vividly in literally any environment on earth.

- Stratos Blue
This offers a secondary and cooler color to visually balance the ring of fire "heat." Stratos is easy on the eyes but also very visible in any environment on earth.


Our old logo served its purpose, but it was time to upgrade to something that both tells our story and is more appropriate for the aerospace industry as a remote aviation operator. The logomark has two elements that we've worked together: topographic "contour" lines, and the letter P. The topo speaks to our close working relationship with the terra firma, the earth. Pilots, crew members, administrative staff, and clients ALL interact with the earth and its rugged features every day we come to work. Many times this air-to-ground interaction happens in extreme conditions remotely located far away from anything man-made. We also care for this planet we interact with, so in the logomark, we're visually paying tribute to the ground as we see it from the air.


On the website contact page, you'll see we've selected a bear romping through a river to compliment our new tagline, "Global Expertise. Alaskan Spirit." We believe that while we serve professionally worldwide, our brand remains wild at heart.

Troy Dominy